Remote Learning at Rockpoint

During these challenging times, with kids doing all remote or some sort of hybrid-style learning, we understand the ongoing challenge of parenting and that the stress on working families has increased. 


We’d love to help. 


We have hired professional teachers and assistants to oversee our site so that your kids can log on and do their school work from a caring, safe, and quiet facility.  


Our campus is open Tuesday – Friday 8:15AM – 3:30PM



  • 1st child price: $40 for ½ day or $60 max for full day
  • Additional children = ½ price of the 1st child: $20/$30.

*We can offer ½ day or whole day prices, we cannot offer a per-hour rate.

*A ½ day is defined as 8:15/8:30am-12:00pm or 12:00pm – 3:30pm

  • Week price = 4 full days
    • 1 child = $210.00
    • 2 child = $315.00
    • Family = $420.00


What’s Needed for a Successful Experience:


  1. Signed-up and paid at least a day in advance, no walk-ins.

  2. Each kid will have their temperature taken at arrival.

  3. Wear masks upon arrival. Masks will be worn while in transit but not necessary when outside for breaks or when working at their tables which will all be spaced 6 or more feet apart.

  4. Please send your kid/s with food and a water bottle.

  5. Please send your kid/s with electronic working device AND headphones/earbuds and charger[s]

  6. Kids can expect brain breaks where they’ll be encouraged to get outside.

  7. Eating will be done outside as long as weather permits.

  8. Children must have remote learning to do. 


The expectation, apart from brain breaks and eating, is that kids will be working on their school work. Please send their remote learning schedule for the day with them so that teachers can be aware of when they need to be logged-in with their school.