Life Teams

LIFE TEAMs exist to give everyone an opportunity to use their passions to serve as well as support connections quickly by providing a role on one of our 5 key teams at Rockpoint Community Church. 

We do LIFE teams because it’s the fastest, most simplistic, and least time-consuming way for you to make Rockpoint a church for you. In such team-minded environment, everybody wins and all hands are on deck. 

God says that we are the workmanship of God in Christ Jesus and that we are to continue doing good deeds and LIFE TEAMS make that happen on a consistent basis.

Life Teams


Here you will find an opportunity to work with children anywhere from nursery – 5th grade on a Sunday morning to further promote greater kid’s ministries.


The connections team is vital to the entire Sunday morning experience and by participating you could be part of any one of these important roles: greeter, usher, parking lot, or post-service connections support.


The hospitalities two main Sunday morning roles include setting up and cleaning up the bagels or joining the coffee clean-up crew post-service. We serve great coffee and the bagels are fresh but we need helpful hands to keep from overworking!


Our prayer team allows those who enjoy praying to help facilitate our weekly prayer huddles on a rotating basis and/or provide prayer encouragement following our church service, also on a rotating basis.

Prayer Meeting will now be held LIVE on Wednesday nights at Rockpoint, outdoors, under the Pavilion.

Prayer Meeting Dates/Times:

Wednesdays at 7:30-8:15pm


Prayer List:

“If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask  God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”

– James 1:5

Calling on God:

  1. Praise God that we stand on solid ground even in uncertain times.
  2. Jesus forgive us of our sins. Lord, have mercy on me.
  3. Lift up our eyes to the hills so that we might have your help. That our eyes might stay on you, for then we will have perfect peace.


Our Requests: 

  1. We ask that not one person from the Rockpoint community will be lost or gravely sickened by the Coronavirus. 
  2. We thank you and continue to pray for the protection of our medical community essential workers  here at Rockpoint.
  3. Encourage the graduates of the 2020 class. May they be able to enjoy their accomplishments and know that they are honored.
  4. We praise God for His continued protection over the people of Hawthorne and North Haledon. May you find extra mercy to destroy the coronavirus and bring hope to people in the nursing homes.
  5. We are praying for your favor as we prepare to open Crossroads summer camp. Protect the counselors and the children.
  6. We ask for wisdom and guidance on re-opening church and how we will do that. Lord, make a way.
  7. Give our state and local leadership the ability to make the best decisions for our overall health and wellness as the summer progresses and we anticipate the fall. May the coronavirus be stunted in its attempt to make a fall comeback.
  8. Lord, show Rockpoint how we can be a voice of hope and healing and not one that further divides.
  9. Bless the Lord with praise because He is the King of Heaven and Earth and in Him we have confidence. Praise the Lord.


The security team assures there are eyes watching the security cameras and paying extra attention to the campus throughout the church service. We’d love to help in keeping us all a little safer.

Interested in Joining a Life Team? Sign Up Here.