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Life Teams

We have 10 Life Teams that exist to provide everybody a place to serve and make our community stronger and healthier so that we may all truly experience LIFE with Christ at another level.

God says that we are the workmanship of God in Christ Jesus and that we are to continue doing good deeds. LIFE TEAMS make that happen on a consistent basis. This is the most simplistic and least time-consuming way for you to make Rockpoint your church. In such a team-minded environment, everybody wins and all hands are on deck.  Our teams have varying levels of commitment and so there is certainly a place for everybody. 

Life Teams


Here you will find an opportunity to work with children primarily from birth (nursery) – 5th grade. Ministries include Sunday morning help with our Kids Rock and Preschool Rock worship ministries as well as Pebbles (nursery). Sunday School is also an opportunity provided after church for those interested in using their teaching gift. In addition there are places to serve on Wednesday nights with our Kids Clubs: Gems (girls) and Cadets (boys). Where will you serve? It’s up to you, join the team.


This team provides a couple of opportunities such as greeting people before church service and/or connecting with new people after church service. This team does requires a friendly disposition and a warm personality. You could be a visitors first impression of Rockpoint making this team imperative to the health of our worship environment.


The Fellowship team creates opportunities throughout the year to promote friendly gathering within the Rockpoint community as well as ways to engage our neighborhood through friendly settings like community yard sales and holiday bazaars. This team also works to support our “Hospitality Team” on Sunday mornings.


This team helps manage the financial matters of the church.

Global and Local Mission Outreach (GLMO)

This team leads and provides opportunities throughout the year to do outreach in our neighborhoods and projects in the Name of Jesus Christ. We have committed hearts to the community needs of North Haledon and Hawthorne (although not limited to them) as well as a “Season of Service” each spring so that Rockpoint people can go out and do good through serving others. This team really makes a difference outside the walls of the church.


Do you like to sing or play an instrument? Consider joining the Music Life Team and use your talent to lead us in worship on Sunday mornings. If your kids are passionate musicians don’t be afraid to see how they can lead us with their music gifts.


This team manages the operations across the property of Rockpoint.


This group serves by watching the security cameras and overseeing safety procedures during Sunday mornings and at all events including children. They help provide a stress-free culture for worship and youth ministries.


This team supports the technical side of worship at Rockpoint. Whether your skills are in sound, camera operating, live streaming or lighting this could be the team for you.


Joining this team gives you the option of serving and supporting our Junior High or Senior High youth group ministries on Sunday nights. If you have a passion to positively influence and develop the faith of young people whether through sport, music, life group bible study or other means this could be the team for you.

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