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Grow groups are small groups within the larger church body which function to develop a more meaningful connection among the people of Rockpoint through group Bible study and fellowship. They typically meet once or twice a month. The groups are diverse in that some are for men, some women, some life-stage specific, and while one might be heavier on study and/or prayer another might put more emphasis on fellowship but they all include some of both.

Men’s Groups:



Our on-campus men’s group meets at 6:30am-7:30am on Wednesday mornings for Bible Study.

You are free to attend, for more information contact the group’s leader: Roger Vogel at or call 973-868-0841 (cell).



Our off-campus men’s group is currently studying: Praying God’s Way: Talking to the Father and Walking Together by Rick Shepherd. This group meets on Wednesday mornings from 6:30am – 7:30am in Midland Park.

You are free to attend, for more information contact the group’s leader: Charlie Bordogna at

Women’s Groups:


Coffee Break

Coffee Break is a group that meets Tues mornings starting at 9:30 for coffee/ refreshments and is followed by a Bible study from 10-11. Currently, there are between 8-12 women studying The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel. It’s not limited to women, but rather, is open to any age person interested in joining us. We also do service projects a few times a year.


The Tent: A Women’s Bible Study

Gather to study a passage of the Bible once monthly, and enjoy a multigenerational fellowship that connects you to others. An annual women’s retreat is tentatively scheduled for October. The door is always open to all ages teen and older.

First Tuesday of the month at 7:30, Covenant Church: Fireside Room


Co-ed Small Groups

The Aupperlee Small Group

Location: Wyckoff, NJ

Contact Info: 201-447-1756;

The Boydston Small Group

Location: Fair Lawn, NJ

Contact Info:

The Genzink Small Group

Meeting Time: 1 Sunday/Month.

Location: Wyckoff, NJ.

Study Material: The Book of James

Contact Information:

The Van Buiten/Breur Small Group

Location: North Haledon, NJ

Contact Info:;

Senior Groups



A group of seniors, 70 and up, gather on the 2nd Friday of every month for some fellowship, food, and a short devotional. The fellowship is rich and the invitation is always open. Bring a friend too!


Mary and Martha

A gathering of senior women who come together for a bible study and fellowship. This group meets every other Thursday at 1:00pm.

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