Mommy & Me

We know it can be lonely, draining and often thankless to be home with kids. Rockpoint Community Mommy and Me is a free group designed for moms/dads/guardian and kids to get together consistently and JUST play. We gather most Friday mornings from 10-11:30 at Covenant and on one Saturday monthly. Check the schedule for the upcoming dates. Toys and play-things are set-up for kids to use, as well as a toddler bounce-house! Snacks and drinks are provided for kids! Coffee and refreshments are available for moms! Mommy and me is open to mothers with children age 0-preschool.

Covenant Cares

With a heart for service, the Covenant Cares team keeps the church freezer stocked with soups, breads and casseroles. Whether it’s recovering from surgery, adjusting after the birth of a baby, or experiencing hardship, these frozen meals are on hand for those in need. When the supply gets low, members gather together prep more meals and refill the freezer. Many hands make light work, and additional help is always welcome!

Extension Ministries

Our desire to extend love to all begins through our outreach efforts which emphasize a closer geographical range. When considering outreach our first instinct in providing support beyond our church is to think: LOCAL, URBAN and JUSTICE. Our desire locally is to be a provider of meaningful resources to our immediate surrounding towns that promote community and wellness. In addition we partner with strategic efforts to be an aid in Urban development through youth programming and in providing shelter and potential rescue for the homeless. In addition to that we find ways to seek justice for those abused, neglected, or without a chance to speak for themselves. Our desire to extend love to all continues through our mission efforts which emphasize a further and more global geographical range. We have what we call “Faith Promise” partners that we commit to provide on-going prayer support and financial backing. They become more like an extended arm of our church family in their efforts to extend the love of Christ to all in distant places.

Prime Timers

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